Apr. 22nd, 2013

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Campaign Update & New Chapter for Near Life Experience (10/13)

1. Campaign Update (Last day of the campaign)

Hell yeah!

I mean I don't think I need much more than that 'cause Nikki & Nora fans are some of the best, hell at this point given the obstacles, I'd even be inclined to say that Nikki & Nora fans are the best. The campaign blew by it's goal and are pushing for $60K 'cause budgets sometimes get blown up when there are unexpected increases in expenses. So that means, that if you can...DONATE HERE and if you can't donate, 'cause, well, I get that too, tell people about it, there's that thing called facebook, I avoid it, but some don't, twitter, blogs, street signs, banners, sky writers, billboards, radio, streaking at national sporting events (although that might get you in more trouble than necessary and I'm not bailing you out, so on second thought)...you get the idea. And lastly, thank you.

Title: Near Life Experience
Disclaimer: Not my characters – except for one or two. The rest of the ladies and gentleman contained herein belong to entities with a higher pay grade. Thanks for allowing li’l ole me to play; I promise to return them as I found them…just like the tools I borrowed from dad when I was a kid. Also, this is unbeta’d so…mistakes are really all me. Sorry about that.
Fandom: Nikki & Nora
Pairing: Nikki/Nora
Rating: PG-13-ish, there are some adult concepts and themes, but nothing too over the top.
Summary: Nikki's not really "Nikki" and Nora's sings a different tune.

A/N: There are some rough topics in this chapter and it's a bit shorter than most of the others, but I thought I should warn you, nothing is shown and I'd never write it right. The fact that I'm implying it is about all I can stomach. Regardless, you've been warned and this light touch is all I'll ever get into concerning human trafficking while providing some statistics from the F.B.I.

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