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Fandom: Law & Order S.V.U.

Pairing: Alex/Olivia

Rating: PG-13 to R (depends on the chapter)

Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not my intellectual property. They belong to Dick Wolf, NBC and other people that I don’t associate with. If they were mine, Alex would still be on the show and things would be slightly different. This is for fun…read - me mucking about for some entertainment in another person’s sandbox, not for money. While this has been beta’d, we’re not perfect and I accept full responsibility for all mistakes.

A/N: Nothing major in terms of spoilers, time line wise it takes place post season 10, but that’s about it. This is also a response to challenge by KC on SFC# 24 – that had to meet the following criteria – “Must include; a first impression, a bad pun and a discussion on the social confines of society. Must include at least ONE of the following: Munch getting laid, Fin giving relationship advice to Cragen, or Elliot being kissed unexpectantly by a male suspect.” I think that I met the criteria and I really did try to fit in a kiss with a male suspect, but damnit it felt forced so I yanked the scene…sorry, I tried. Thank you to my long suffering beta, the poor bastard has to put up with my awful spelling, bless you Dirk! Lastly, read and enjoy.

A/N – Take 2 - This wasn’t supposed to coincide with the IDF, but the cosmos aligned and here it is. Sadly enough, I would also love to join in on the fun at FemslashCon, but I’ve got my partner’s parents in today for a b-day celebration. I’m sorry I’m missing out on all the fun, but hope this makes up for it just a teensy bit.

Summary: Elliot, Olivia & Alex mess with the rest of the units head and Elliot, poor Elliot, pisses Alex and Olivia off in the process.
Ch. 1 – Deflection )


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