Apr. 17th, 2013

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1. Campaign Update

New news is awesome, no news sucks and Nancylee's shared with us that if the campaign can reach $46K then one, very generous donor will chip in the last $4k to round it out to $50K.

Possible list of places spare change could be hiding out: The pocket of that one pair of jeans that you wore that one night, but haven't washed yet (you know those puppies are good for like at least a fiver), grandparents couches (my pap was always good for walking around like an arcade worker, some of that change got ate by the couch...goldmine!), car ashtrays (older models only, I don't think they make cars with ashtrays anymore), aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, friends, acquaintances, I'm sure their couches and cars and don't forget the recliners and love seats, would all kill for the attention.

Right now the campaign's at $38,260 with 518 donors (effing awesome) so $7,740 is left to go with a little over 6 days left...

DONATE HERE and if you can't donate, 'cause, well, I get that too, tell people about it, there's that thing called facebook, I avoid it, but some don't, twitter, blogs, street signs, banners, sky writers, billboards, radio, streaking at national sporting events (although that might get you in more trouble than necessary and I'm not bailing you out, so on second thought)...

Title: Near Life Experience
Disclaimer: Not my characters – except for one or two. The rest of the ladies and gentleman contained herein belong to entities with a higher pay grade. Thanks for allowing li’l ole me to play; I promise to return them as I found them…just like the tools I borrowed from dad when I was a kid. Also, this is unbeta’d so…mistakes are really all me. Sorry about that.
Fandom: Nikki & Nora
Pairing: Nikki/Nora
Rating: PG-13-ish, there are some adult concepts and themes, but nothing too over the top.

Ch.9 - Uncharted Waters )


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